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Josh Hair serves as the Discipleship Pastor at Relevant Church. He is a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute and Criswell College in Dallas, TX. Josh oversees a wide range of ministries including Life Groups and Relevant U. Josh lives in Clover, SC with his wife, Summer, and their three children: Jaylyn, Jaxon, and Jolie.

josh hair

discipleship pastor

current life groups

who| young mens

where| knowledge perk

when| wednesdays @ 7am

Leader| elias ennis

who| young ladies

where| tba

when| tuesdays @ 7pm

Leader| emily dibrito

who| young marrieds

where| tba

when| 2nd + 4th Fridays@6


who| young families

where| tba

when| fridays @ 6pm

Leader| josh + lauren simpson

who| general

where| ymca

when| sundays @ 9am

Leader| chris + april taylor

who| general

where| koppe's home

when| wednesday @ 6pm

Leader| dusten + angie koppe

who| general

where| jones' home

when| t/w/th every other week @ 7pm

Leader| david+marianne jones

who| general

where| tba

when| thur@6 (2xmonth)

Leader| terry sartaine + kent husband

who| middle school girls

where| brown's home

when| tuesdays 7-8pm

Leader| megan brown, kensley husband + chelsea locklear

who| middle school boys

where| koppes home

when| thursdays @ tba

Leader| dusten koppe + Jonah greene

who| high school girls

where| pye's home

when| fridays 7:30-8:30am

Leader| lacey pye + andria emmerson

who| high school boys

where| pit stop

when| fridays 8-8:45am

Leader| matt pye, jeff emerson + kalman grigg

who| high school boys

where| grigg's home

when| every other friday

Leader| kalman grigg

who| young adults

where| sartain's home

when| 1st+3rd fridays@7pm

Leader| megan brown

who| women

where| brown's home

when| wednesdays@7pm

Leader| katie brown

who| women

where| simpson's home

when| fridays@10am

Leader| lauren simpson + erica hicks

who| men

where| ymca classroom

when| tuesdays@6:30am

Leader| kent husband

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