Pathway to Partnership

Pathway to Partnership is Relevant’s “membership” journey. Instead of traditional church membership, we ask people to unite with the church family in a covenant of partnership. This covenant includes protecting the unity of the church, sharing the responsibility of the church, and serving the ministry of the church.

The pathway includes three phases along the journey:


The first stop in the journey is attending a class where you learn the history of the church, get the vision, and meet the pastors & some staff members.


The second stop is a conversation with one of our elders. This step allows church leaders to hear about your faith journey, allows them to pray for you, and includes elders approval of new partners.


The summit of partnership is the presentation of the new partner to the church family. It’s here where the joy of being a partner begins!

Our next Pathway to Partnership class is April 14, 2024.

Registrations are now closed for the April 14 class. Check back soon for the next class.